Playersoft's Mobile Ticket Redemption App Becomes the Gold Standard for Casino Operators who put the Patron Experience First


Playersoft has developed several software solutions referred to as “Killer Apps”. These apps are all designed to run natively on the Apple iOS platform and they’re well known for their dynamic ability to completely transform casino operations. The company is led by Tony de Leon, an industry veteran who’s developed technology for several major gaming operators. He and his team have a knack for taking complex problems and applying seemingly simple solutions. MTR is a prime example of these solutions. The MTR app simply allows the operator to scan a TITO voucher from anywhere on the casino floor, bringing the service to the guest instead of making them search for the best place to redeem their slot voucher. MTR is designed for operators who want to implement or maintain that high level of customer service with Mobile Ticket Redemption, but need to replace outdated systems and equipment.

“We love to solve problems and improve the experiences for both patrons and operators whenever we can”, said Tony de Leon, Playersoft’s CEO.” When it comes to redeeming slot vouchers, the opportunity to improve the process was always evident to me. Casino patrons love to be served in a personalized manner and enjoy chatting with someone about their experience as well as develop a friendship with their favorite ambassadors. This type of interaction is not possible at a kiosk. Also, the cage is not a great place for personal interactions because cashiers are too busy processing transactions behind bars which make a meaningful conversation with the patron unlikely. Implementing a mobile cashiering strategy is the smartest thing a casino operator can do if they aspire to elevate the customer experience and differentiate themselves from their competitors.”

The Mobile Ticket Redemption app runs on the Apple iPod touch, its primary function is to scan slot machine vouchers for patrons and exchange them for cash. The app is used by casino employees who walk the casino floor looking for patrons to assist instead of forcing the patron to find a kiosk or wait in line at the cage. The app is used to provide better customer service as well as assist elderly and physically challenged patrons. What’s more, MTR is gaining traction with casino operators who are merging their player clubs with casino cage operations – now, agents who walk the floor to register new players can also redeem patron vouchers.

Tachi Palace, a Southern California Indian Casino deployed MTR and has had great success with the tool. Here some comments from Joaquin Gonzales who is their Slot Operations Manager:

“Playersoft’s Mobile Ticket Redemption system has been a great tool for our operation. MTR allows our floor ambassadors to redeem slot vouchers for cash payments from anywhere on the casino floor. This allows us to deliver superior customer service by providing face to face interactions with our slot patrons. This goes beyond the experience they would have cashing vouchers at the cage or a kiosk. It allows the ambassadors to create long-lasting relationships and it makes for extremely fast transactions that are completed in just a few seconds.”

“Here are some of the features we enjoy from MTR:”

  •     “The app is very intuitive -- it takes very little training for a new ambassador to become productive.”

  •     “The Apple iPods are lightweight and easy to carry, allowing our cashiers to move around the floor and serve more guests.”

  •     “We’re able to better serve our seniors and other guests who have physical challenges – they really appreciate the quick service.”

  •     “We have the option to run other Playersoft applications on the same device which adds an attractive benefit as we continue to streamline our operation.”

  •     “Cashiers can scan many tickets during the same interaction. Some of our patrons will collect multiple tickets during their gaming session and it makes it easy when they can bring a stack of them to a nearby cashier for quick redemptions.”

  •     “Kiosks are impersonal and cage cashiers generally don’t have the time for long conversations. With mobile ambassadors, our patrons get a high level of service and quality time to develop personal relationships.”

  •     “Because of the elevated patron service, our staff members see more tokes and we see less staff turnover because of it.”

  •     “Playersoft has excellent customer service and fast response time. We enjoy working with their team.”


“I highly recommend the Mobile Ticket Redemption application”, said Mr. Gonzales.