Big Groups Mean Big $$$ When Managed Properly!

The Playersoft Group Manager System makes processing and tracking your groups easier than ever before.  Automate every aspect of the process of group management, from check-in to reporting, for bus programs or player events.  Group Manager eliminates lines and has the quickest check-in of any group program on the market. Provide a complete check-in with offer issuance, card reprint and new account creation, all from the mobile device and in real-time.  Track all costs associated with groups including multi-commission tracking, offer redemption and usage tracking.  See group play performance in real-time and know instantly which groups are profitable and which ones have lost money. Gain a complete analysis on every group, company, day and week available.  See group performance in property-defined reports and realize how quickly you can increase your group profits when all the information is at your fingertips.  From buses to concerts, private events to public parties, Playersoft Group Manager has you covered.


Group Manager Key Features

  • Check-In Guests in Minutes; Applying Incentives Directly to Club Card.

  • Allows for the creation of offer packages with multiple tiered offers.

  • Allows for Check-In for Charters, VIP Events or other Valued Groups worth tracking.

  • Add Groups on the Fly; For any last minutes groups or events.

  • Run Reports or Monitor in Real-Time; Group Activity, Profitability, and Costs

  • Allows for the creation of charters, groups, offer packages and commission tracking.

  • Allows for each group to have their commission structure set up based on play or guest count.

  • Allows for tracking of charter insurance records and provides reminders when records are about to expire.

  • Provides reporting on the play, offer issuance and redemption and commissions to show you a complete view of what the groups are costing.

  • It allows you to set the offer name and text displayed on the handheld.

  • Provides the ability to check-in guests for specific charters or groups and assign all of the play during the time the group is on-site without having to pull non-group play out of the records manually.

  • Provides all reporting on group activity, profitability and costs without having to create or run manual reports from the source systems.

  • Interfaces to casino signage to run arrival and departure boards.

  • Automatically updates departure times based on arrival times and duration.

Group Manager™ Mobile

  • Group Manager Mobile allows you to greet groups immediately upon arrival.

  • Utilizing the iPod and scanner hardware, you can swipe the player’s card and assign them to a specific group and issue your choice of offers.

  • If the guest does not have a card, Group Manager allows you to sign them up for a card immediately and automatically assign them to that group.

  • It allows you to create a group on the fly from the handheld and assign a pre-defined offer package for any unplanned arrivals.


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