The Best Casino CRM Platform in the Palm of Your Hand

The Playersoft Host–Player Management system enables your host team to break the chain away from their desk and interact with your guests where it is most meaningful, face-to-face.  The modular system of Host Player Management takes all the meaningful information from all of your source systems and puts it directly at your hosts fingertips, where they can make the best use of it.  This gives the host the ability to see all player history, account balances, offers, coupons available, hotel stay history, POS activity and tee times. What's more, we include customized views of your real-time floor activity, guest locations and alerts based on guest activity, ensuring that your hosts are on the floor making connections with the right guests, at the right time.


  • Quickly Identify Valued Players!

  • Identify "HOT" Players or Non-Carded Players.

  • Real-Time Guest Opportunity Alerts

  • Excellent Performance Data to Analyze Player Development Success.

  • Quick View of Guest Activities; Coin-In, Theo, Last Trip, Invites, Hotel Stays, DM Offers and much more

  • The most intuitive host application in the casino space

  • The host can schedule, track and record all contacts with the click of a finger

  • Excellent Performance Reports to analyze the success

  • Dedicated Table Game Player View

  • 360 View of Player Reinvestment

  • Customized reporting, only see what you need


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