Playersoft Mobile Enrollment Helps

Casinos Prepare for Social Distancing

As we continue to deal with this unprecedented time, many of us are preparing for the eventual reopening of our industry and the economy as a whole. But as the shelter-in-place orders have continued to grow, it is becoming more apparent that things like “social distancing” will not be going away. Even as we try to return to some normalcy.

To show support, we have been working with customers to prepare for a new way of conducting business. We would like to share this information with the industry regarding what we are helping our customers do to leverage their technology to prepare for what may be a long transition.

Many of our customers are looking to utilize Playersoft Mobile Enrollment™ to service guests in various areas of their properties to eliminate lines and aid in social distancing. Other customers are adjusting their procedures to have team members scan guest ID’s and enroll without having to physically hand over the ID card. To assist with this, Playersoft has created new remote training materials and guidelines to enable “zero-touch” enrollments with Mobile Enrollment. The Mobile Enrollment system provides unique opportunities to implement “zero-touch” and safe practices when interacting with the public.

We look forward to being there for all of our customers as they prepare to reopen. We want to work with each property showing the numerous ways they can utilize the Playersoft Mobile Enrollment system, providing aid for social distancing and guest health initiatives. We want to help casinos get back to normal, so they can get back to giving exceptional service, welcoming their guests with confidence.

We recommend casino operators follow these simple steps to enroll a guest while still practicing social distancing when using Playersoft Mobile Enrollment system.
• Allow guest to hold their own ID, for operators to view and verify data.
• Ask the guest to turn ID over, enabling the operator to scan the back of the ID, using the Mobile Enrollment Scanner to capture 100% of the guest’s personal information.
• Ask the guest to turn ID back around to confirm the information captured is correct.
• Add the guest email address and primary phone number for marketing initiatives
• If your gaming system has a place to save an image of ID. A photo can be taken from the Mobile Enrollment device and saved directly to the gaming system.
• For PIN, turn the Playersoft Device around for guest to enter their own personal PIN and play enrollment game.
• Allow guests to play a game of chance. Bonus reward is applied immediately to the club card.
• After enrollment is complete, Operator can use sanitary wipes to safely clean the mobile device for the next enrollment.
• Operator has minimal or no need to touch ID


Providing this app to multiple departments will help eliminate lines or congested gatherings that happen during club card enrollment. Using these steps will keep a low risk of direct social contact, which is key in preserving the health of team members and guests.



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