Know Everything About Your Guests Spend, Without Reinventing the Wheel

As casinos expand, much of their revenue comes from non-gaming spend.  Tracking all of that data used to require either complex reporting, using manual effort from all of your revenue systems or building out an additional system to sit on top of your business systems, to bring it all together.  Well, no more.  With the Playersoft OneCard System, you can see, track, report and re-invest on all non-gaming spend, without having to change all of your internal processes and systems.  Leveraging substantial investments in your Player, Hotel and POS systems, combined with Playersoft's interfaces, you can convert all that information back into the guest tracking system you already have.  Maintain your accounting reports, along with your operational processes, without having to learn a whole new system.  You already know how to track guest activity, let Playersoft's OneCard take you to the next level quickly, without having to change your business operations.


Fully Integrates All Player-Centric Systems on Property

  • Builds Stronger Loyalty amongst all Patrons

  • Assign re-investment on Gaming and Non-Gaming Spends

  • Open additional re-investment buckets at the POS

  • Players Earn Points/Comps for Food, Beverage & Retail Spend

  • Casino Kiosk Interaction. Allow for complete paperless comp, point and offer issuance and redemption at POS

  • Leverage the abilities of your existing Hotel, Player and POS Systems


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