You Take Care of the Invites. RSVP Will Take Care of Everything Else.

Tracking every detail of an invited event usually takes time and a lot of spreadsheets.  But guests want to be taken care of immediately, without having to wait or be inconvenienced.  With the Playersoft RSVP System, you no longer have to fight to keep that balance.  Playersoft RSVP will handle all facets of your guest invited event tracking, responses  and check-ins.  Quickly and easily respond guests for events, capture the number of +1 guests they are bringing, automatically generate and send confirmation codes, track guest notes for the event and expedite the check-in process while issuing any offer to your guests for attending.  When the event is all over, you receive complete reporting on your event.  Additionally, you can quickly see the number of responses, no-shows, additions, +1 guests and new sign ups and who brought them.  The application also offers play tracking, offer redemption and usage event costs and the whole view of your event details along with its profitability.  You can even scan, track and report - Playersoft RSVP makes any event a simple and enjoyable process for your guests and team members.

  • Confirm Guests RSVP in an instant using our mobile or desktop applications

  • Automatically Tracks Response, Wait-list and Priority Lists

  • Identify and Tracks All Guests Invited and their +1 Guests

  • Complete Reporting on Guests Activity, Redemption, No Shows, Non-RSVPs, New Enrollments and much more

  • Manager overrides to add guests to the event with complete tracking

  • Scan guests into event and issue offers at check-in

  • Automatically generate and send confirmation codes to RSVP'd guests

  • Full integration with Playersoft Host Player Management to provide an even more personalized experience for your guests


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