Don’t Make Them Walk; Keep Them Playing!

I recently visited a few of my favorite casinos with my mother who just turned 75 and my aunt, who’s 81. They absolutely love to play slots. They also like to feel VIP. These days, who doesn’t? The one thing I taught them from my experience in gaming is using their Players Card on every visit to earn comps, rewards and VIP status. Even in their elderly years, they are determined to get around and have fun like they’re youngsters.

There’s only one problem, they sometimes forget their Players Card and even their PIN. As elderlies, it becomes difficult to transport them around the entire casino to find where to get a card printed and/or reset their PIN. In some casinos, it’s a mystery where to get a Players Club Card. For some, it may determine if they want to spend their disposable income there or somewhere else. Convenience to entertain can be a persuasion.

Going to the casino with two elderly woman was a huge eye opener for me as a Gaming Executive. I never really thought of the effort it takes someone in their “Golden Years” to walk from their cars, to the casino floor for entertainment. Now, what if they have forgotten their Players Club Card or can’t remember their PIN to redeem their comps and/or offers? Their play time has now become a game of Hide & Seek.

My aunt was so excited to begin playing but then became discouraged after having to search for someone to help her find where to get her Players Club reprinted. She then had to delay her play again because her PIN number was not working. Had someone assisted her at her favorite machine, she would have played and recycled more coin-in. Instead, she’s now out of breath and irritated that her play was cut short. Like most Seniors, they only have so much play time and most depend on others to drive them. Cutting their play time short will only discourage their patronage.

We’ve all heard the term, “Time is money”! Time is money, especially if you are talking about giving your patron more time at their favorite gaming machine or table. Playersoft Technologies has the perfect solution. Don’t make your patrons walk away from their machines, keep them playing by providing your staff with our Mobile Enrollment application. Mobile Enrollment is an iOS application that can Enroll, Print, Reprint Cards, Set and Reset PIN’s for players without leaving their machine. The Mobile Enrollment application is currently being used at most properties in Las Vegas and other casinos around the U.S., including Tribal Casinos. Operation teams such as Marketing, Slots, Tables, Hotel and F&B are using this application to ensure 100% of players are enrolled and keeping guests playing longer.

Allowing more time for your patrons to play, makes for higher returns and stronger loyalty between you and your patrons. If you want to hear more about how Playersoft Technologies can keep your guests at their favorite machine, contact us at, today’s technology for casinos.

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