Oh No; My Heel Just Broke!

In my career, I lost count of how many pairs of shoes I either wore out or broke a heel at the most inappropriate time. It never failed, they would break on a day I needed them most. From rushing to run comps, to searching for that special “Hot Player” that keeps jumping machines. I would get so frustrated. Running from my office to the casino floor to meet guests, just to turn around and search again because they’ve moved.

I found myself running from the casino floor to the office tracking guest contact information, input guest RSVPs, pull dinner and hotel comps, then deliver said comps to their respective venues. Now throw in an event that I’m running to make an appearance to. That’s a lot of running depending on how many guests you’re hosting. No wonder my heels are always broken.

For those of you who thought, “Hosts just sit in an office and sometimes they talk to their guests.” Contrary to belief, it’s the complete opposite. Player Development is always in a constant move, multi-tasking left and right. They are always thinking of ways to add an extra trip or extend a guest’s current trip. Making calls, answering emails, planning parties and supporting all Marketing events.

I now look back on those days my shoes gave out and ask, “Why couldn’t I have ‘Today’s Technology’ back then? I could have saved so much time and money for shoes. If only I had the power to achieve all my daily tasks without running all day.”

Guess what, there is technology available today that can accomplish all the needs and aspects for Casino Hosts, it’s Playersoft Technologies’ Host Player Management, also known as HPM. This iOS application assists Hosts in managing their list players, identify new players, manage comps, track floor/phone contacts. Manager can send alerts, identifying opportunities to build better relationships with valued guests. In my professional opinion, Host Player Management is the most reliable tool you can give your hosts to make better business decisions on your most valued guests. HPM allows host to see and understand the full value of each guests, from their Direct Mail offers, to how many times they stay in your hotel.

How many times have you walked the floor and wanted to know who was playing and had to walk back to your office, or find a computer to log in to your player tracking? Provide your Executive Team, even the General Manager with a mobile device to instantly identify players while walking the casino floor. With one touch, you can see who’s playing, their play value, who their host is and if they are staying in your hotel. That’s power in the palm of your hands.

To learn more about Host Player Management, contact Sales@Playersoft.com. Playersoft Technologies is “Today’s Technology” for Casinos!

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