Your TITO Machine Doesn’t Smile & Greet

There’s a reason why Walmart offers a self-service line and a clerk assisted line for check-outs. You know why, because not all customers like to interact with technology. A machine does not greet or smile at me. It may send me a greeting in text or on a display. Where’s the human spirit in that? I could be having a bad day and want a friendly smile to cheer me up and tell me, “Thank you for being a customer.” Eye contact, recognition and personal service wins most of the time.

A Ticket-In Ticket-Out Redemption machine is still necessary, as it fills a need for those that want that type of service. How were gaming relationships established when casinos first opened? It was Slot Attendants! While cashing out winning tickets, they began conversations with players, keeping them engaged, wanting to stay longer. Many of my previous players, always had their favorite attendant. I remember when the TITO machines were brought in. Players were concerned about what was going to happen to their favorite attendants, the ones they would still tip on the smallest of jackpots.

Casino guests usually have two ways to cash out their winnings. Stand in line at the Cage or walk around and find the most convenient TITO machine. Both methods can be time consuming. I know when I’m playing, I’m constantly watching the clock, to make sure I give myself time to cash out. If you ask me, I’d rather spend my time playing, knowing that cashing out will only take me seconds, instead of minutes. When I’m at a casino, all I want to do is play. I don’t want to spend my time in a line.

I can guarantee that I’m no different than those playing on your casino floor right now. The more play time I have, the more coin-in your casino is going to receive. That is why Playersoft has developed Mobile Ticket Redemption. It’s lightweight, works on any iOS Apple device, scans multiple tickets in seconds and allows the attendant an opportunity to thank the guest and invite them back for another visit. I had the opportunity to evaluated a casino currently using Mobile Ticket Redemption. I noticed 90% of guests turn right around and played through added coin-in before they walked away from their favorite machine. Guests who used the TITO or Cage, only about 20% of them put money back in before walking out the door. Time can dictate your coin-in.

Adding Mobile Ticket Redemption to your gaming floor will allow your Slot Team to deliver service with a smile and earn higher Tokes. Capturing the player just as they leave their favorite machine, gives them more time to turn around and place more funds, taking a chance for that one last Jackpot Win. If they spend that time stand at a machine or cage, you may have lost that added play.

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