High Limit Slots - A Missed Opportunity!

This week, while visiting a property, as a PLAYER, I decided to play a $4 Slot with no card in for over an hour or so. I wanted to experiment and see if I could be approached to have a card made or see who I was. Then just before I got ready to leave a nice gentleman approached me and said..."Are you Kathy?" I politely said no and smiled. He then just walked away. I thought "Wow...Just because I'm not who you thought I was, doesn't mean that I don't deserve a greeting or a good luck". It made me want to stop playing, that's for sure. I hardly ever play, because I work in this industry. But that night, I decided to have fun and play with money I could have spent somewhere else and so could any other player.

As a Host...Please remember when meeting & greeting on the floor, don't forget about the players surrounding your HOT PLAYER or HOT MACHINE. Just a simple HELLO or GOOD LUCK works great, but DO NOT ask if they are someone else and then walk about without a greeting... IT's RUDE!

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