Playersoft™ Mobile Enrollment & GroupTracker Success Story


To Whom It May Concern:


When surveying the landscape of associated software vendors in the gaming industry, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more client-centric and innovative as Playersoft Technologies. In my experience, it’s almost expected that gaming vendors will overpromise, under deliver, and disappear once a deployment project is complete. Tony de Leon has made a conscious effort to buck the norm and work with his clients to deliver products that fit the way they run their businesses, not the way software developers and product management teams have determined they should run their operation. His commitment to devote resources throughout and well-past project completion to ensure his clients are completely satisfied is unparalleled in my experience.


Last year, my company entered into a development partnership with Playersoft to develop a product to automate bus group tracking and marketing offer management. As most gaming properties that have bus programs understand, this was a primarily manual process that was prone to delayed guest gaming action, spotty post-trip analysis, and difficulty in managing bus operator commissions. We now have a solution where guests can immediately head from the bus to their favorite gaming position, their offer already loaded onto their account. Immediate post-trip profitability analytics are now possible because of the software’s dynamic manifest capabilities, and automated commission reports based on headcount or even guest play volume are now available when a bus leaves the property.

Tony and his partners have carried forward the philosophy and vision that have made Mobile Enrollment a success. I am pleased to offer my wholehearted endorsement and recommendation of Playersoft Technologies and Group Tracker specifically to any operator.


Matthew Morgan
Vice-President of IT
Red Hawk Casino



A Letter From Casino Morongo- GroupTracker™ Feedback


I wanted to take a quick moment and send you a note expressing our satisfaction with Playersoft’s Group Tracker product. I’ve been on the receiving end of too many technology presentations that overpromise and under deliver. In many cases, it seems that once the product has been sold, the service stops and it can be painful if not near impossible to attain the results that were promised in the initial pitch. Playersoft defies that stereotype and has built such a strong partnership with our company that you sometimes feel like an extension of our team. Playersoft is a company that actually delivers on their promises. In today’s business environment, that is invaluable.


When I was presented with your Group Tracker product and told how simple, yet effective it was, I have to tell you, I was skeptical. It seemed like a straightforward solution to an age-old problem – how to process large numbers of bus passengers and get them on device faster while allowing us to accurately track the value of not only each passenger but the entire bus group. Doing this would enable us to optimize and better evaluate the return on the investment we are making on issuing incentives to bring in these buses. But would it really be as easy as promised and would our team be able to adapt to this new technology effectively?


Playersoft really came through in resolving this problem. The handheld devices work exactly as promised. Buses are checked in quickly, orderly and efficiently. Players are immediately able to go to the gaming floor and have their incentives available to them on their player’s club card. We estimate that each player is getting to the gaming floor approximately 20 minutes earlier than with our current process. Passengers who are need to sign up or have a card reprinted can be processed right there at the entrance. No longer do we need to send players to wait in multiple lines. Our players and staff are happy because technology delivered on its promise to transform how we do business and has made their lives easier. Even our least tech-savvy staff members have found the product easy to use - from desktop set-up to handheld delivery. And, we’re excited to explore other ways to leverage Group Tracker outside of our bussing program.I look forward to continued talks about the other programs you offer that will integrate with our Mobile Enrollment and Group Tracker products and continue to solve our service and technology needs. One last item, before I sign off, installing a new product is always an apprehensive prospect. However, your support team, techs, and sales team have all been there every step of the way to ensure that our experience was as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Thanks so much and I look forward to other opportunities to partner with Playersoft in the future.


Kari Smith 
Executive Director of Marketing ♦ Morongo Casino Resort & Spa



A Real Customer Experience with Playersoft Mobile Enrollment

Dear Playersoft,


I have an interesting and exciting story to share with you:

While at work in Los Angeles at a construction company, one of the contractors was in the office and spoke about his trip to Las Vegas over the weekend.


He talked about his wife and another family member being “players”, and a member of the “Player’s Club.” He said he was never interested in taking the time to stand in line to get a player card even though he knew about the benefits his wife earned while playing.

He then began to explain that while he was gambling at the Venetian, one of the hosts came up to him, noticing he didn’t have a player card, and asked him if he would like to sign up for the players club. He started to decline, but she said that he wouldn’t have to go stand in line and she could sign him up right there where he was.


He went on to explain that the host took his driver’s license, swiped it on this little “iPod” device and, “bam!” all his information was right there.

She walked away, and in less than a minute was back with a player card with his name on it. He noted that this was a really cool thing and that he was very impressed with the Venetian because they came to him and was able to sign him up, on the spot, at his total convenience. He said that THAT consideration of him as a customer would be something he would always remember, and having had the experience at the Venetian, would always consider that when choosing where he would play when in town.


I was so excited! I said, “I know that company! That’s PlayerSoft!”


I thought it was really great to hear about PlayerSoft from a total stranger so far away from the casinos, in a completely different environment.

I just thought I’d let you know that even the players are noticing and that Mobile Enrollment is a game changer.


Best Regards,
Wilkie-Boswell, CBT, CIT