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Our award-winning software suite has been battle-tested and is considered to be the best in class by casino operators across the USA. We're looking forward to speaking with you.



Mobile Ticket Redemption

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Take your customer service to the next level by providing the ability to cash your patron tickets from anywhere on the casino floor. Your customers will love the service and remember the convenience you offer them which will urge them to come again.. 

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The award-winning mobile enrollment that gets uncarded players registered for your player's club in less than 10 seconds. Full enrollment in real-time, in the palm of your hands.  Enroll on the floor, at the front desk, in the parking lot or at offsite events.


Host Management

Keep your hosts on the floor developing a better relationship with your players. The Host Player Management System puts the power of complete customer service in the palm of the host's hand. 



Group Management

Know and track every detail of your casino groups while eliminating lines and increasing guest service.  For busses, concerts, dinners and public events, Group Manager automates every aspect of your group tracking.  From Check-in to reporting, Group Manager has you covered.


Event Management

Guest invited event management and tracking, done right.  You take care of the invites.  RSVP will take care of everything else. Make sure your valued players get the invites they are looking for while streamlining the event management process for your team members. It's a winning solution for all involved. 

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OneCard Solutions

Monitor and track all of your guest activity while leveraging your existing system investment.  OneCard takes what you want to know and puts it back where you want it.  

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